Author: clsmithsword

Time to Celebrate

At the sound of Joshua’s shofar and the breathtaking touch of Yahweh’s hand, the walls of Jericho fall. But dire trouble rises from the ruins. Trouble in the Ruins chronicles a period just over fifty days, spanning the spring grain harvests of Canaan. The Israelites are eager to celebrate their new life in the Promised Land, and God has already […]

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Rahab—A Name Redeemed

Rahab of Jericho~ the best known of the primary characters in THE STONES OF GILGAL novels. How odd—since she is a foreigner, a Canaanite girl, joining a cast of six young Israelites. Although the lives of these six Israelites impacted the future of their nation in significant ways, their stories lie buried beneath the dust of time. Othniel, Acsah and […]

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Acsah—an inspiration for International Women’s Day

The Stones of Gilgal novels retell the powerful stories of the era of Joshua from the viewpoint of seven real (but minor) biblical characters including two very strong women, Rahab and Acsah. In honor of International Women’s Day, may I introduce Acsah  (Judges 1:12-15) Daughter of Joshua’s closest friend, the heroic Caleb. Future wife of Othniel, the greatest […]

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